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    Calamity Jane: The Summer Court Bad Omen


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    Calamity Jane: The Summer Court Bad Omen Empty Calamity Jane: The Summer Court Bad Omen

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    Calamity Jane

    Calamity Jane is only known among the Changelings in and around New Oskana. Supposedly she does travel to other cities from time to time, but by and large keeps around the South Saskatchewan River for one reason or another. Something of a transient sort, once in a while she'll pop through a Freehold, usually with something dangerous nipping at her heels, literally or figuratively.

    In turn, she's got something of a mixed reputation at best. Some assume she's something of the canary in the coal mine. If she's around, it's because she's caught whiff of some ill-wind coming your way, or perhaps just down on her. Supposedly she's been through what's left of Regina's Winter's Last Rest freehold, and made an appearance before it's overall disintegration, warning of something very big on the horizon. Whether the warning was heeded or not, and the danger was unavoidable is not something anyone has been capable of agreeing in in Regina.

    Outside of her more relaxed jaunts to find entertainment, she's considered a bad omen as a result, something of a reverse lucky rabbit's foot. Appreciated when she puts others on the alert and helps them avoid one calamity or another, but not so appreciated when she seems to attract trouble, trouble which often falls upon the heads of those around her, rather than she herself. Perhaps it's why she's said to be consistently on the move; it helps her avoid whatever fate the Wyrd has brewing for her, and if she's as skilled as tales say in avoiding trouble, she's got something very, very big brewing on the horizon for her.

    What's known for certain is that she is a courtier within the Summer Court, and one of the Wizened. She goes on the offensive when it comes to the Others and Hobs, along with stranger threats not quite related to her lot. Trouble finds her and she welcomes it, making something of a last stand each time when the shit hits the fan. To the more callous, she's something of bait. Someone to use to lure out dangers into the open to be properly dealt with, though it isn't stated as a matter of public record for good reason. She's got a mean-streak a mile wide, and doesn't take pleasantly to folks using her for their own ends, or otherwise trying to reign her in.

    She's said to have shot out the eye, and a more sensitive part of at least one high standing Summer-kin Ogre at a freehold that was in Swift Current some years back; they got a bit too touchy-feely, a bit too crass and insulting for her to stomach. Supposedly the big fella now has to claim he was always a Cyclops to live down that such a small thing put him in his place. Whether "One-Nut Jim" is still around or not, who's to say, but she was known to have said "He always was half a man. One nut, one eye, goes well with his half a brain."

    Where she actually lives, nobody is proof positive. Common thought is she has a small ranch kicking around somewhere, or she simply lives hotel to hotel, scraping by enough to rent what she needs. It'd make a bit of sense given her overall demeanor; she does having something of that archaic, roving cowboy anachronistic flair, and certainly is quite the shot with her Token revolver. It'd make sense why she's got such a boiling temper as well; she's got at least one arm that looks like it was cobbled together from various bits of firearms and certainly looks like it was a painful addition, and rumor says her Keeper replaced her every bone with melted down meteorite heated by a comet's tail. Hell, she's even quite weather-beaten and worn in appearance when it comes to the more human portions. With her take-no-shit attitude and penchant for trouble, perhaps it's the most likely. Staying anywhere too long just might be a disaster in the making.

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