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    Old Buttonface: Ghoul of the Autumn Court


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    Old Buttonface: Ghoul of the Autumn Court Empty Old Buttonface: Ghoul of the Autumn Court

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    Old Buttonface as he generally refers to himself isn't a widely known member of the Lost, but he is quite a recognizable one once (and if) spotted. A member of the Fortean Times, he is known to go by the alias of Dr. Decker Chanard among the human community, a well established psychiatrist. Most only see his Mask; he habitually reinforces it in most public situations, be it from general paranoia, in order to better surprise others that might see his Mien or to keep out of sight of untrusted Lost and Others.

    To those that do see past he appears to be something of a disturbing scarecrow figure. A zipper mouth and two button eyes set atop something -almost- resembling burlap, but not quite is generally all one see's for a head, and his hands are consistently gloved in some manner to boot. A long black wool coat (it hides the bloodstains rather well), a business shirt, tie and other "psychiatrist" garb finishes the ensemble, though he does wear glasses from time to time usually when presenting himself as Dr. Chanard. The "mask" that makes up his head often looks like it's something worn; he assures though that question on it that it literally -is- his face however. He generally smells subtly of old blood as well as wet autumn leaves to those that get quite close, and sometimes it seems like a bit of a jack-o-lantern flicker of candlelight emanates from the "button holes" that make up his eyes.

    He doesn't represent the Autumn Court within the Fortean Times in any sort of leadership capacity, despite having a level of respect. He does often lend his services as a psychiatrist; not so much to resolve the mental issues many Lost face, but in forging documents, altering old (and dead or disappeared) patient records to create new identities for those in need. He's also noted to have some sway in the local medical community, enough at least to gain access to hospital wards rather easily. He -is- known to take humans as patients, and has quite a fancy office as well to back up his credibility. He is believed, though not with any confirmation, be part of the fabled Scarecrow Ministry which in turn presents him as a very, very skilled individual in sowing terror given certain rumours and quirks of his Mien.

    He's also rumoured to be, or have been a serial killer prior to his Durance; a string of grisly murders, primarily suburbanites, typical families some years past in New Oskana had the police scrambling. They found no real evidence, and no real leads beyond the weapon of choice always being a fairly long bladed weapon, indeed it became a cold case file and for most residents, a forgotten string of terror. However, -one- piece of information did come out from a young child and witness who survived his families murder; an little believed story of a "button eyed scare-crow bogeyman" having done it. It was chalked up to pure trauma given he'd apparently seen his entire family brutally killed and given his institutionalization and ongoing psychiatric care, was eventually dismissed by authorities at large when all other leads turned up cold and the killings seemed to cease. This rumour still taints Old Buttonface's interactions with some Lost who are more humane or have families however; If it was him, what's to say he might not go killing again, or worse, go so over the deep end that he'll target them?

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