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    Felidius Atwood aka "The Bramble Witch": Autumn Court Sorcerer


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    Felidius Atwood aka "The Bramble Witch": Autumn Court Sorcerer  Empty Felidius Atwood aka "The Bramble Witch": Autumn Court Sorcerer

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    Felidius Atwood aka "The Bramble Witch"

    Felidius is a known member of the Autumn Court around New Oskana. Her title as the Bramble Witch is one part local myth as it is a testament to her reputation. Said to frequent, or at least have a home in one of the various stretches of forest or wooded gullies, she's one of those obscure tales that makes the rounds in small towns and local bed time stories. These days, the tales don't spread as much, movies like the Blair Witch Project and the overload of stories and information serve to dilute, desensitize and distract the fears of people away from what might be right under their nose.

    By most accounts, she looks like an old, withered crone of a women of indeterminable race made up of twisting stems, dead wood, lichen moss, brambles and noxious flowers. Most assume she's an Elemental as result, though some state she may well be a Wizened. Some say the twisted plants she wears is a mystical cloak she uses to walk around unseen in overgrown areas, other's that it's more than skin deep and that she is as noxious, twisted and bitter as her appearance. It is said that her flowers are among some of the deadliest one can find, and to smell them is to get a taste of Autumn sucking the life from you. You know she's been around by the clumps of dead flowers and other plants that seemingly grew and died overnight.

    Among the Lost she has no small amount of respect apparently adept at sowing fear and according to some, knowledgeable in the use of Hedge derived toxins. Whether true or not, she's said to be quite old among the Lost, having so long made pacts with the Wyrd and harnessed it's power that's she's lived long past that of an average human. Others believe she is simply one of a long line of Bramble Witches, recruited to take the place when the last one dies. If she truly has been around for as long as some believe, she may have the most complete story as to why Lost of New Oskana face the problems and threats they do.

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