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    Mr. Hush: The Winter's Favored Agent


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    Mr. Hush: The Winter's Favored Agent Empty Mr. Hush: The Winter's Favored Agent

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    Mr. Hush is both well known and virtually unknown depending on which circles and motleys one has contact with. He represents Winter, that much has been...mostly determined, and seemingly a larger, more secretive body of Lost within New Oskana. While no lowly intermediary, he does take a hand's on approach to matters of import, often being the one who contact's (if at a distance) a new prospect for New Oskana's "Fortean Times".

    Appearances vary; While some hints of the Winter Mantle can be seen, they are often more subdued than many strongly favored Lost. His face, well, really has no consistency, literally and otherwise. If he's not looking like you rather uncannily, or someone you know rather than some random stranger, it's been seen to look more likely a crudely formed ball of whitish yellow wax, devoid of most features save a pair of pitch black, sunken and beady eyes and something that could vaguely resemble a nose, if that. He has no mouth what-so-ever in this shape, yet seems quite capable of speech; you hear the words as if being whispered right into your own ear, regardless of the distance he may be. Otherwise, he looks like a classic MIB; A broad, black rimmed hat and suit, long overcoats, very stark, very government seeming attire.

    Rumor has it, and rumor is really what one gets with the individual, that he's a cleaner of sorts as well. He'll help you disappear if you really need it and the proper payments are made, buy he also helps "disappear" other problems that face the Fortean Times. He seems's well informed as well on many events; it's said that despite Winter-Court notoriously distrustful nature of other supernaturals that he has certain agreements, binding ones among others that keep him and others both in the loop and somehow safer from the Gentry. Other aspects of him are fairly hazy; it's assumed he's a Darkling, likely a Mirrorskin or some Kith blending with similarities. He gets where he wishes to be with seeming ease, security measures apparently meaning very little, and he looks like who he wants. He's also said to be part of the Knighthood of Utmost Silence; it's why he's got no mouth, they say, and why he'll help hide you if you ask.

    As a result few actively choose cross him just in case the next person they meet is him. This likely works in his favor; they're stuck with more clandestine conflicts as a result, something he excels at.

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