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    Kawacatoose, Unaligned, Local Legend (NPC)


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    Kawacatoose, Unaligned, Local Legend (NPC) Empty Kawacatoose, Unaligned, Local Legend (NPC)

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    Kindred Legend 2:

    Supposedly, he doesn't really look all that human anymore. The Nosferatu are known to occasionally be physically twisted at times, but Kawacatoose was said to push the envelope for ever even looking human in the past; little was recognizable as human beyond walking on two legs, having arms, legs, feet, hands, a pair of eyes and a mouth (though some say he had -2- mouths). He was assumed to be a Haunt as a result, but then that just seemed the easiest label to apply to something so inhuman. Others state he's of the same stock as the Unholy; a monstrous, old strain of Gangrel. Outside of those basic features, everything else was apparently plain fucked up. When he caught up with you, and he would given how well he knew the underside of the city, you either fed him or you wouldn't see the surface ever again. It was that simple and supposedly not in the least a bluff. He was an uncompromising monster, and supposedly was so old that he either was addicted to Kindred vitae, or was outright reliant upon it to get his sustenance whatsoever. Most believed that he was likely a diablerist as well, it's a slippery slope to go from feeding off Kindred to sucking down their souls after all and he apparently -really- liked the blood of the undead. Hell, it's said he's got a taste for stranger things as well.

    For years most Kindred avoided use of subway system and sewers as a result, save a last ditch, just in case they ran into him. To hear some speak of him, he'd actually set up situations where you'd need to lay low in the underground or at least use it, lure you with a tasty mortal you couldn't pass up, sabotage your vehicle before an important meeting, or even pay off some other Kindred, hell, even mortals to harass you until you publicly snapped, harry you with fire or some other setup. Whether any of that was true, who knows. Kawacatoose became a scapegoat for all sorts of nasty things, from the subway tunnel collapse, to Kindred disappearances. Some even state that it was he who offed Prince Gislenus over territory disputes or something similar, never mind the purported deal he had (or has) with Curwen Stahl. Occasionally, someone states they saw him, or some -thing- like him down below, glimpsed from the corner of their eye, or going down some quiet tunnel.

    More recently he has been encountered in public at at least more than one Kindred gathering, putting to rest any hopes that he'd met some foul end or succumbed to a long torpor. Just as monstrous as the tales state (though his appearance apparently is not always as inhuman as tales suggest) his taste for Kindred Vitae has been made blatantly apparent; he is said to have drained and quite possibly publicly diablerized a Kindred at a recent court appearance. A very grim sign indeed, both of his apparent contempt for the laws Kindred society, and potentially for his increased hungers. The recent changes in the political scheme of New Oskana have apparently given him some urge to be involved, or at least make sure he continues to get what he wants, something about the upheavals actually drawing his attention beyond that of just a monster's old hungers. While not overtly hostile if placated (or simply well fed), an agreement with him is is said to be just as deadly serious and potentially costly as said to be in the past. Just managing to have a talk often requires a token of respect being shown; generally an amount of Kindred vitae, though it is said he may accept other things if need be, and far more than that if one wants his actual aid beyond a snippet of information.

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