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    Pidgeon Girl, Circle of the Crone (NPC)


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    Pidgeon Girl, Circle of the Crone (NPC) Empty Pidgeon Girl, Circle of the Crone (NPC)

    Post  Admin on Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:36 am

    An odd name to be used for a Kindred, but nonetheless it's what most know her by. "Pidgeon Girl" is known to be part of Acolytes, though nobody knows whether she's a leading priestess figure, or simply a practitioner of the Bloody Crescent. Her small, young appearance truly makes her appear to be a little girl, if an unkempt, grimy and disheveled one, though nobody owns up to having embraced a child in the city, or whether she is simply mistaken for a child. Every so often she'll appear at a gathering of Kindred, though rarely in much of an interactive capacity, simply watching or taking part in whatever refreshments are offered. Normally though, the only time she's encountered is somewhere on the streets, usually in one park or another, or spotted perched in some precarious spot stories above the streets. The only reason others know of her status as an Acolyte is from having witnessed her perform ritual blood magic in the past, or at least, something looking to be such to those with some familiarity.

    For those with prolonged contact, she's generally given a wide berth. They're certain she's Gangrel, she seemingly has an affinity for calling upon the various avian-life of the city and directing their actions, and at least once she was witnessed to sprout long talons to eviscerate some hapless mortal who somehow managed to gain her ire. While it never breached the Masquerade, the individual was later found by mortal authorities to have a portion of their corpse each left on a different rooftop in Felix Plaza. Even brutal monsters come in small packages it would seem.

    Rumor wise, many assume she's killed at least one Kindred in her time in New Oskana, potentially more. It's said that the "Impaler Killings" back in the 1920's and 30's weren't just the work of one deranged ex-ghoul, but -her- in tandem, that the "Impaler" had a daughter, and that daughter was "Pidgeon Girl" or some even more twisted form of relationship like lovers. Some posit her embrace was what drove the fellow over the deep end, or worse still, that her father wasn't mortal at all, but Draugr on a rampage who turned his daughter in the process and the whole ghoul-story was to cover up the use of a Kindred brainwashed and broken to be used as some leashed killing machine. The stories only get wilder from there, growing more twisted with the telling to pass the time.

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