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    Zhou-Li, Ordo Dracul Kogaion (NPC)


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    Zhou-Li, Ordo Dracul Kogaion (NPC) Empty Zhou-Li, Ordo Dracul Kogaion (NPC)

    Post  Admin on Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:07 am

    Few Kindred are as little encountered and little known as Zhou-Li, the preeminent Guardian within New Oskana's Ordo Dracul. He doesn't make the activities of his Covenant well known, he rarely makes appearances at gatherings, and nobody is even certain of when he even came to the city, never mind his actual age. If anything, it's a wonder anyone knows of him at all, the local Dragons acting very much the secret society rather than a public Covenant face. For those in the know, it'd seem that he follows European Wallachian Rite's ideals far more than the more commonly North American Philadelphian Rite, if not something more obscure still. The Ordo Dracul is not a public topic of discussion. It's members rarely identify themselves as belonging to to the Dragons save in matters of great importance, though some occasionally seem to get uncovered by happenstance. It's assumed that Zhou-Li became known out of necessity rather than by choice to maintain the Covenant's survival.

    For those very few that have ever had the opportunity to speak with him, he's said to be an elderly fellow of Chinese heritage, a seemingly fragile old man who'd be more a threat to breaking his hip than hurting a fly (well, outside of earshot at least, for anyone knows he could exceedingly dangerous). Calm to the point of being cold, careful in his choice of words, and to some, oddly comfortable to be around, almost disarming. All in all, if he were to be more sociable, it's likely some Kindred would actively seek him out, if only for a respite from the cut-throat nature of nightly existence as a vampire, as Zhou-li certainly seems to take it in greater stride than many. Of course, this all could just be mistaken impressions, a ruse of sorts, but he's never given anyone greater purchase to dig into the truth of him outside his Covenant. As a result, nobody has any good idea of what Clan he is descended from, though at least once it was said he apparently lacked a shadow, like a ghost.

    While any number of rumors spread the rare times he makes a public appearance, overall only one has seen any longevity, and it's a truly strange one at that. Somehow, it got out that Zhou-li was seen wearing some odd robes while doing who-knows-what by Black Lake, supposedly conducting some sort of ritual prior to some construction developments around the area. While garments are hardly much of a topic of interest for anyone but would-be fashion critics, the style, markings, even the material was apparently uncannily like those of some royal family during the Ming dynasty, maybe even an Emperor it was so distinctive. Apparently whoever saw him had an eye for historical detail, or a great imagination.

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