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    Baroness Nikita, Carthian (NPC)


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    Baroness Nikita, Carthian (NPC) Empty Baroness Nikita, Carthian (NPC)

    Post  Admin on Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:38 pm

    The longest term Carthian supporter to still publicly be known within New Oskana, the Baroness is often regarded as -the- Kindred to speak to if quick access to blood is what you need. Assumed to have been in the city since it's foundation, the Baroness also has the distinction as being a turncoat and a bonifide thorn in the side of the previous Invictus regime. To hear her talk she was literal nobility in her breathing days, someone bearing the blood of the Russian Tsars before their decline and her transition into undeath. Her retention of her previous Invictus title is seen as an intentional and calculated insult to the Unconquered, though her opinion is simply that it's the most appropriate to who she was and is, would-be Invictus monopolies on titles be damned. She's known to have her long fingers in quite a few pies in the city, in particular one of the nightclub districts, Fells Heights, and quite possibly in the drug trade as well if rumors are true.

    The Baroness seems to have decadent tastes and laaize faire attitude regarding the mortals of the city. Generous in her support of other Kindred, provided they stay on her good side and leave her and other Carthians to their own devices when it comes to their social experiments, most don't regard her as much of a threat, despite her survival of Invictus led blood hunts, outright war and having a presence in the city as long or longer than many known Kindred. Most assume she likes to keep it that way, as vicious conflict certainly helped the Carthians and herself no more than it did the Invictus in the end. She has the demeanor of a lazy, well fed cat in the end and is seemingly too distracted glutting herself on blood or frequenting the mortal cultural hot spots than taking a vicious agenda against the city hierarchy, or even ousting the remains of the Invictus still present. Keeping up (though often a step or two behind) with the trends and changes of the living seems to be her actual agenda, keeping connected, rather than left as a mouldering relic like so many of her kind become. Some say it's compensation for what she's become, anyone who's met her can tell you she quickly becomes uncomfortable to be around, and for someone who so desperately tries to keep up with humanity, certainly looks more than a little "off" herself at times in regards to hiding that's she's Kindred.

    As far as rumors go, she's not really the subject of many, something uncharacteristic of someone in the city so long. One that frequently makes the rounds, however, is that she's part of the Cockscomb Society, a cadre (and perhaps bloodline) of socially elite Nosferatu. That in of itself wouldn't be too much a topic if interest, if it weren't also rumored that her sire was the popular, if not at times also notorious Jean-Louis Mansart. If such were true, one would have to wonder what a well known and often high standing supporter of the Invictus such as he would have to say or do about his errant childer. The other, that her maintenance of her standard of "living" is exceedingly taxing on the mortals she comes in contact with. It's said she's frivolous with the precious resource of blood, if not outright wasteful and has skirted issues with the Masquerade on more than one occasion, only managing to avoid horrible repercussions by very tidy bribes to the Prince and others.

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