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    Sylvia Westminister, Invictus (NPC)


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    Sylvia Westminister, Invictus (NPC) Empty Sylvia Westminister, Invictus (NPC)

    Post  Admin on Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:09 pm

    Once a young up-and-comer within the Invictus, Sylvia is one of the few of the Unconquered that kept their loyalties intact even after the upheaval that beset New Oskana. Believed to be less than a century old by many, she nonetheless had proven to be quite apt in the acquisition of property, and that endeavors to back with funding. Recent nights have seen her fortunes in something of a downturn, as she's still believed to have land ownership for the site of the South Saskatchewan Mental Health Facility without any redevelopment efforts being made to turn it into a new cash cow or prestigious jewel in the city. It's believed that she may be slowly succumbing to the instability that seems to inevitably afflict the Ventrue, whereas others believe she's simply biding her time, and quietly building assets for her Covenant behind the scenes, and taking a subtler approach with the turmoil she survived.

    For her own part, she's a rather confident individual, not accustomed to being second guessed and quite critical in errors of judgment by others. Cold, calculating, efficient, she's an individual to get things done, and someone to have the support of, having her undermine you is often the quickest way to be ruined. If she has gone mad, it isn't in a fashion that's obvious to others, making her an difficult Kindred to exploit. If anything can be said that appears to be a chink in her armor, it's that she occasionally appears to have a deep set, seething frustration for her predicament. She's assumed to be mad despite all her efforts and work towards maintaining stability. She's one of the only Invictus left that didn't see her assets evaporate, yet the Health Facility is still considered something of a black mark these days. She's effective, as proven in the past and yet untrusted by many of the older New Oskana Kindred due to her previous support of a Prince Gislenus. The worst of it? The Westminister Lords have become something of black sheep among her kind, rumors of a blood curse afflicting her line making the rounds among some Ventrue, a recent advent, and a rumor she's at a loss for explaining.

    It's enough to drive anyone a little mad, perhaps even her.

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