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    Toy, Skin and Muse; Belial's Brood


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    Toy, Skin and Muse; Belial's Brood  Empty Toy, Skin and Muse; Belial's Brood

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    The uncanny trio known as Toy, Skin and Muse are confirmed members of Belial's Brood. They make no pretenses or obfuscation of being anything else, and aren't adverse or too fearful of making public appearances at gatherings of Kindred (and perhaps other beings) now and then either. Surviving proposed hunts thus far, most Kindred of other political leanings would rather they weren't around; they're violent, messy in their feeding and seem to show little respect for the power structures that have come, gone and are currently in place. Still, they persist in the city. By all accounts they only recently arrived, nomads that found a comfortable niche and given enough time to set roots did just that. As is, outside of some violent deaths and haphazard disposals of bodies, not much more has been attributed to them. Disrespectful to be certain, but compared to some they've not exactly damaged the Masquerade -more- than other residents. The situation may well be a grudging bit of tolerance as a result.

    Of them individually, this much is known; Toy is a semi-coherent little monster lacking both arms and legs. He's got a set of teeth that seem positively animalistic, and doesn't seem to let such notions as a distance from stopping him from feeding on you; more than once he's seemed to literally draw out, or call the blood of others to him in an eerie fashion. Generally he's toted in a toy-box. Sometimes an old baby carriage or stroller. Most Kindred in the city have figured out that mysterious boxes may well have him inside like a demented jack-in-the-box. While he doesn't seem to speak coherent English, or any language for that matter, the rest of his Convey seem to understand him well enough. He's thought to be the ringleader, or at least some sort of spiritual pillar for the strange group, though why is beyond most. The fact that such a deformed and crippled beast has survived as long as it has is a wonder in of itself. Nobody is entirely certain what Clan he hails from. It's assumed he's either lost to the Beast or damn-near close to it, and quite likely bat-shit insane given his observed behaviors. Then again, who's to say he isn't quite aware, quite intelligent and simply chooses not to communicate to anyone but his Convey?

    Skin speaks little, and when he does it seems as if it's not truly him that's speaking. Rather, he seems more a mouthpiece of sorts, somehow disconnected from true social interactions. He's a large individual, some would even say a hulking brute, prone to rather filthy clothing, usually a hoody and overhauls. His skin seems to be more like strips; from a distance many mistake him for being bandaged, but a good view shows that beyond exposed muscle he's cut or torn his skin into ragged strips. Generally he's the one that totes Toy around, or at the least acts as his caretaker. Most believe him to be a Nosferatu, physically he's pretty repugnant but something about him screams "wrong" on other levels, right down to the way he talks.

    Muse is the more sociable of the trio. When not wearing a bandage over her eyes, it can be seen that she has none at all; they've been artfully plucked out leaving little more than empty sockets in their place. Still, she seems to get around easy enough and is noted to be eerily perceptive despite the lack of them. Her clothing is seen to be somewhat archaic; some say Victorian, others simply modern Goth with money to spare. She's got a tendency to know things she really aught not to and seems to be in fairly frequent communication with Toy to boot, interpreting his grunting, squeals, howls and growls. Most assume she's a Mekhet. At least one other has murmured something about a "Plague Nun" that tried prying in her head.

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