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    Jebediah Morningside Thanatologist and Dragon


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    Jebediah Morningside Thanatologist and Dragon Empty Jebediah Morningside Thanatologist and Dragon

    Post  Admin on Tue Sep 20, 2011 8:25 am

    Jebediah Morningside isn't a difficult man to find or to spot. Advanced in years, inordinately tall and bearing something of a perpetual scowl, he's fairly easy to spot. He always wears suits that seem befitting for funerals. It doesn't hurt that he's downright creepy; cold spots are fairly frequent around him, shivers down ones spine and given his imposing stature and gloomy presence on the whole perhaps it's no surprise he's not the most sociable. He does have a rather morbid sense of humor that peeks through now and then, though.

    He's said to reside, or at least frequent the Marlowe Morgue when one needs to get in communication. His interests seem rather fixated upon matters related to thanatology; if it's not pertaining to the dead or undead he's unlikely to have any interest in the matter. Most know he's had, and likely still retains ties to the Ordo Dracul though in what capacity has never been confirmed. It's also considered something of an open secret that he's a Lord; of what line no one can say, but some Kindred circles have confirmed him being Ventrue. Nor is it known if he still deals with the mysterious Covenant; with the recent censure of it among the cities court some wonder what impact this may have on him. He's never been seen to leave the Marlowe area for whatever reason, what then if the district was targeted by Lord Oskana or non-Kindred forces? Would he leave? Go into hiding? Or something worse?

    If anything can be said for certain, is that he and the House of Murphy are strange bedfellows. There seem to be some arrangements between himself and that odd group; they specifically avoid working at cross purposes if the rumors are true, something of an agreement. Some say bodies are traded back and forth between them; others that Jebediah deals with the non-corporeal dead, and they those still with flesh and bone. Others still, that they're actually bitter enemies waging something of a cold war in matters morbid.

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