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    C.H.U.D. Haunt of the Undercity


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    C.H.U.D. Haunt of the Undercity Empty C.H.U.D. Haunt of the Undercity

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    CHUD (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller) doesn't refer to himself by a proper name. To hear him speak it was a name given to him sometime in the 1980's from some b-grade movie that just stuck given his appearance and habits. The Haunt is apparently a long time dweller of New Oskana's undercity, loathe to surface save in the most tumultuous of political situations when it comes to things Kindred. An opportunist (and some might say vulture), he'll better his situation by any means necessary, and fade back into obscurity when there is too much heat. Cowardly, or simply a tenacious survivor. he's not known to actually hold any Covenant leanings.

    He's thought to been present at least since the last sputtering of the Carthian/Invictus conflict some decades past and has kept mostly to himself since, beyond an occasional meet-and-greet or attempt to worm his way into something more favorable. Rumors have it he may be a diablerist as well; his almost desperate scrabble to gain more personal power, avoidance of others and occasional slip of the tongue of deals that fell through give many Kindred the sense that if he hasn't already, he will try.

    True to his nickname, he's not a pleasant fellow to look upon. Normally he wears a mask to obscure his facial features, but those who've got a glimpse say he's got a nearly lamprey-like mouth, not much if anything for a nose, and eyes that are either missing or so deformed as to no longer function properly. Indeed, he gives the sense that he's blind, though somehow compensating for the disability through some unknown means.

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