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    Lord Oskana


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    Lord Oskana  Empty Lord Oskana

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    A mysterious vampire, Lord Oskana or "The King of Bones" claims to be a direct representative of the dead tied to the region, if not of the land of the dead itself connected with the region. He's given no other name, and is not known to possess one tied to his breathing days. Claiming, or as he put it "reclaiming" the title as the ruler of New Oskana, he is not prone to showing himself too frequently and apparently had spent decades, if not a over a century in Torpor until recently. Some say his rise back into the world of the living is tied to the construction of Grave's Island, others that he was intentionally reawakened when there was a proper power vacuum among the supernaturals of New Oskana.

    He considers all supernaturals to be part of his "court". Changelings as well as Werewolves are accepted into the fold, provided they play by his rules and that of the Old Ones. He's said to be as much ghost as vampire, speaking to the restless dead in their graves and even visiting their lands. Indeed, the dead seem to be of particular interest to him; more than one individual of preternaturally keen senses has spotted what could only be shades of the long dead attending him, and him in turn moving as one. He'd appear to at least be informed, if not fairly knowledgeable on beings not of a Kindred nature as a result. His judgments are swift and brutal; most minor offences are given 3 warnings before he takes an action he considers formal punishment. More serious insults and breaches of conduct are dealt with either with lethal for, or prolonged agonizing torment. That said, he does allow amends to be made usually at some high cost of his choosing. Denying a proper attempt of contrition is said to gain one an even more inventive punishment.

    By all appearances, he's unnerving and inhuman. Wearing bone masks in some encounters for reasons he does not discuss, his true face appears to be a withered rictus of sharp teeth and sunken near mummified features. His body is much the same, though usually swaddled in old buckskins, beads and bones of unknown origin. Whether this is due to a prolonged Torpor or something else isn't for certain; He only lays claim to being one of the Twice Dead, or Wicked and Cruel ones as his lineage and nothing more. Most assume, if not from sheer physical inhumanity, or the unnerving, haunting like events that follow him that he may be a Haunt, or at least something like one. As of yet nobody has inquired further.

    Rumor has it that he's has some bad blood between himself and Kawacatoose. Some even say they were related in their breathing days and have had a feud spanning generations. If it's true, some wonder if he may still have living descendants in the area that may be somehow tied into the conflicts. Given how much importance he places on the dead tied to the region, some wonder how this may tie into the living as well.

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