A Vampire: the Requiem, Werewolf: the Forsaken and Changeling: The Lost Live Action. Set in the fictional city of New Oskana and ran in Regina, Saskatchewan. Contact the game staff by requiemforregina@gmail.com. Register for additional information.

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    A little known figure in New Oskana, though apparently a well connected individual with a way for words and gaining ones trust. What is known is he does declare himself to be part of the "Old Ones", a gathering of vampires (and some say other supernaturals) endemic to the area without any reservation. He's been said to have been monitoring the city for decades; pulling strings and otherwise making sure certain things remained favorable and proper to the Old Ones. A representative of Lord Oskana, he does seem to be more than a simple toady and servant; his agenda's don't always seem to line up precisely with what one expected of Lord Oskana. Whether this means he's not entirely loyal, or simply that he's trusted enough to be given a very long leash isn't known. He does what he believes best and that is that.

    He claims no descent from anyone of European blood; First Nations in life, apparently Plains Cree and has reminded others that "Those of these lands are not those from across the Atlantic, regardless of how similar they might seem." He compares himself to one of the Lords, which would make the assumption that he's quite capable of bending the will of others, though as of yet has not been witnessed to do so directly. Additionally, he calls his specific lineage the "Rattle Snakes" or "Snake Kings" interchangeably. Certainly, he has shown an affinity for the serpentine, beyond toting a live rattlesnake with him on certain outings his fangs would appear to fold back much like his lineage's namesake. Whether this means he is actually venomous in some capacity or is simply a quirk of his strain of vampire isn't something most would think best to test.

    He does seem to be at somewhat old by Kindred standards given his chosen attire. By most accounts they appear to be antique, if extremely well maintained. Those with a keen eye would believe in tune with the late 1800's, possibly earlier.

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