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    King Turd Donovan (Local Legend)


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    King Turd Donovan (Local Legend) Empty King Turd Donovan (Local Legend)

    Post  Admin on Mon Aug 15, 2011 2:26 pm

    The name might create a derisive smirk, or up-roaring laughter, perhaps even just a look of confusion. Nonetheless, it crops up in New Oskana. Some call him "King of the Downtrodden" even a latter-day Fisher King...of sorts, but it's always to downplay the name that actually sticks to him like shit to white sneakers. He isn't actually considered respectable, a person "in the know" or a mover and shaker. He isn't even considered all that important in the grand scheme of things. He's simply notable for being somewhat well known, as his name travels among those on the streets quite easily. In his own way, he's a rude joke, one better flushed than left to float, at least in the minds of many that have been on the receiving end of his wrath.

    Why then does his name spread among such communities? It's odd, and it's well known. Much like any community has it's notable figures (be they liked or loathed), King Turd is something of a legend unto himself, without actually being known among the overall populace of New Oskana. An individual so odious, so disgusting, so foul that he's become notorious simply due to these aspects. Never tell it to his face if you run into him, however. The Fisher King allusions are for good reason; he believes himself to be figure of, or at least be deserving of a fair bit of respect. If not respect, not to be treated like the miserable turd most say him to be.

    While his actual identity is of some debate, many folks that seem to be incapable of basic sanitary or grooming habits do get assumed to be him, it's consistent that if his smell doesn't keep you at a distance, his overall disposition will. Foul tempered, caustic, unaware or uncaring of basic civility, he's regarded as something of an urban wild man. Flung feces, urinating in your briefcase, or simply bum-rushing someone who made one to many insults (with quite the awful beat-down after) after leaving some ritzy restaurant, his notoriety isn't entirely undeserved. While no pun is intended (much of the time), despite his disgusting, nearly pathetic state of affairs, he's a man that takes no shit from others. He has too much of his own to contend with.

    Whether he's truly supernatural or not is unknown overall. More than one sanitary and sewer worker has presented a tall tale of some truly filthy individual crawling up from, sleeping in, or being present in a place that no sane individual would want to be, (let alone survive for long in). More than one of the street folk present someone akin to Sasquatch; a latter day skunk ape, rarely seen, a wild man of the alleys that occasionally tries to rally those on the streets under his banner, though without any actual success anyone can pin down. Perhaps he's simply a very deluded individual, tired of being treated badly by others, an idealist of sorts wanting to make an impact. Or perhaps he has another agenda, something a bit more serious than a flaming bag of poo tossed through a limo's open window.

    If he's got some sort of backing behind him, nobody is admitting it. If he's anything more than a foul-tempered and equally foul-smelling man, fed up with being the bottom of the barrel, there are very few that are in a position to say with any certainty. If anything, he's a lesson in the mistreatment of societies cast-offs; push people around long enough, and they'll go on the (very) offensive when pushed too far.

    Among Changelings, things are perhaps a bit more clear; According to some, King Turd is the moniker of a particularly foul, and (supposedly) courtless Lost who's eked out survival by residing in the worst of the worst areas New Oskana has to offer. Most assume him to be some sort of Darkling or Elemental, at least if the descriptions among Changelings are true. If his Mask is rather nasty, his actual appearance is far, far more so. No particular Court seems to rank him among their own, though supposedly members of the Night Court hold him in some small regard, despite lack of any formal ties. Given his purported harsh lifestyle some imagine he may be part of the Court of the North, or at least, once a member. In the end, it's more assumption than hard fact regarding King Turd. Even among his assumed own kind, he's not an individual that's been welcomed with open arms despite a lack of any rumors of ill-dealings among the Lost.

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